Monday, July 21, 2008

Wii Exploit

Sorry about the lack of updates to this, I've been really busy with packing and stuff. Anyway, I originally wanted this post to be about "Wanted," which some may know as a movie, but also a comic, which I really liked. However it's still early so I'm changing topics. Recently, I've been informed about a possible Wii exploit which could lead to backups being played on the Wii, however the guy who found it doesn't to release it to the public, but instead inform Nintendo about it and hopefully have it patched. Now, I'm a big fan of homebrew, and I've been looking to mod my Wii for some time now, however in lieu of this new info, I'm cautious about buying a mod chip. In all fairness I feel what, by the way his alias is, Bushing is doing is pretty noble, and in a perfect world, he should tell Nintendo. But that's just it, we don't live in a perfect world. Instead we should look at the alternative, release it, and not only will do us all a service, but also become an Icon, the new DarkAlex of the Wii scene. This could be a blessing in disguise, look what hacking did for the PSP, because of it, sales have increased drastically. Granted the Wii needs no bump in sale figures, but more money never makes anyone unhappy. Do the right thing Bushing

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