Monday, July 14, 2008


Yea, so I'm finally deciding to take the plunge and create one of these bad boys. Its been on my mind for ages, but I never got around to making one. But now, I have a perfect topic to write on, so I might as well begin.

Firefox, I've loved it ever since I've had cable internet(before that it was good old AOL.) Anyway, I wish I could say my love for it has increased, but Firefox just deosn't cut it anymore. Firefox 2 was a step in the right direction, but with more features, it just grew unresponsive. Forget the vast collections of third party add on, most of whom I have grown to depend on. But Firefox kept on eating up at my memory, cause what was once a nice computer, to transform into a crippling paperwieght whenever Firefox was turned on. I wish I could say it got better, as I waited for the release for the much anticipated Firefox 3. I even downloaded the beta version to get a glimspe into its future. With it however, I lost much of much beloved add ons, my Google toolbar, and my dictionary clicker, and wonderful Fasterfox. But I said to myself, "It'll all work out in the end, the rewards would be much greater." Unfortunely it didnt turn out that way, only to a much hunger version, of FF2. The awesome bar was just as the name implied, but i couldnt stand using it one bit longer. The "lag" was unbearable ,but again I thought," Its only the beta, there are bound to be problems somewhere." FF3 however was much the same, as I later learned that RC3 was just the same thing as FF3 only a little bit different. But I can't blame Mozilla, they're doing great things, its only natural to expect more demands from computers as software becomes more and more resourceful. I guess its time to get a new computer, maybe a Mac, I hear the're great. But until then FF, i bid you farewell. And trust me it isnt easy to say that.

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Portgas Ace said...

So... did you buy that Mac or what? Furthermore, dude. You used Firefox? Aren't you like suppose to contact the last 6-7 people you were with? Hasn't this become a public health concern?

Good post though! I really felt the emotion coming from you, which in itself automatically warrants the following comment...

Still TL:DR? G

... But honestly, this is... sooo saad!~