Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There isn't anything Google can't do at the moment. Everyday, they seem to defy nature and create brilliant products to ease everyday life. And the fact that they're all free is beautiful in itself. But recently, as usual, I'm having a slight problem that I have no idea how to fix. Gtalk, one of Google's more popular items(in fact it was the reason I first started using a Gmail) has been great with me, and was my primary means of communicating with friends. And when they added Aim protocols, I almost had a heart attack. The fact that I can now look back on previous chats without having to go through the process of saving them, proved useful on many different occasions. Whether it was to confirm a plan, or prove to someone they're lying, Gtalk was definitely built with this in mind(or at least I like to think so :]). But all good things must come to an end, right? It seems recently someone had the audacity to add me as friend on their Aim profile. Normally this would be a joyous occasion, as it was when I first found out. Imagining sitting on your computer and all of a sudden, a little window pops up informing you someone would like to add you. Of course I was eager to see who. Click here was what it stated. But that's where problem arose. There was no hyperlink attached to it. Essentially I was clicking nothing. But Google would never do this on purpose, so I did what anybody with a brain would do, I dusted off the cobwebs from my AOL account and logged on again. Surprisingly I was greeted by that "WELCOME, YOU'VE GOT MAIL," I had been so accustomed too a few years back. So as I snapped out of my brief episode of nostalgia, I saw there, on the top of my inbox, was the Invitation I was looking for. I quickly clicked it and saw who it was from. One of my good buddies. Of course I accepted, and thought that was it. Nope, sorry my friend that's not how things work. After logging back on to GMail again, another pop up showed up.*Cling* Message from AIM, Someone added you as a friend on their profile, Click here of accept. Again and again, in 6 minute intervals, it just kept bothering me. I tried logging ontoMeebo, maybe Google was blocking the hyperlink. To my dismay, the message never even showed up. Tried the next thing, Blocking the Username AIM, but apparently they don't care, still the message would show up. "Maybe it's a different invite," nope, inbox full to its rim, but no trace of another invite. So I have no idea what to do. Maybe you'll say, "Suck it up and just ignore it," but I can't because if I do it just makes a loud Bong sound."Switch to a different IM client," but I can't. Google with its intuitive applications grab you like a drug, with its convenience and simplicity, you can't just get up and leave.Maybe I'm just being a baby and making way to much of a deal about this. I guess I am, but its just so annoying. Whatever maybe it will eventually see my struggles and stop bothering me. I just hope that time is soon

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