Monday, July 14, 2008

Avenue Q

Following my previous agruements between myself and Firefox, it occured to me that I had completely forgotten about my day. Today I saw Avenue Q on Broadway for the first time, after hearing great things about it.I first heard it why back when in the eight grade(begs the question 'how old am I) when my teacher and a classmate were discussing it between themselves, although it seemed like they wanted us to hear, as I, being on the other side of the room heard everything completely(maybe it was just the acoustics of the room), but even then all I heard was priase. So fast forward, I was offered the chance to see the play for a great price from one of my good friend. So deciding to take him up on his offer, I packed up and was off the Broadway. Lets just say, it is completely worthy of its title as the "Sesame Streets for Adults." Which made sense as the designer of the puppets is the same person who made the ones for Sesame Street. Oops, there I go again, I forgot to mention it was a puppet show, well majority puppet as there are real Humans, not including the puppeteers. But thats what I loved, even though the puppeteers were completely visible, not even bothering to wear black spandex to hide in the darkness, there actions caried on flawlessly onto their puppets to the point you almost forgot they were actually puppets. I guess thats what they were aiming for because it would seem really wierd if they didn't. Anywho, the music was funny, and so were the cheap flash animations, they would put up. This was definetly worth seeing, so check it out.

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