Monday, January 25, 2010

My Current Obsession

So I've recently discovered the most addicting thing ever, and it only took 13 years to find. If your math is correct, you've probably guessed it was originally made in 1997, and if your brain is anywhere near the caliber of one Mr Holmes, you may have deduced that the only good things to come out of '97 are DVDs and Final Fantasy VII, and by pushing your brain capacity just a little bit further, you may have stumbled upon the topic of this post. Yes, Final Fantasy 7 is the current possesor of my attention. With school only days away, I couldn't think of a better time to play something known to cause serious sleep deprivation. But seriously, growing up, I never had a PS1; the only consoles I had was Sega Genesis and a Gameboy color. Sonic the Hedgehog was, by then, a well established friend in the Adlan household. Come 2001, all I asked for then was a Playstation 2, and there on my birthday was a big blue box with the iconic "PS2," symbol. But Final Fantasy was still not known to me.
I don't like RPG, I detest them. With the exception of Pokemon Blue, turn based combat was not my cup of tea. Having to what any amount of time more than two seconds to attack, to an eight year old, felt like an eternity.
Fast forward to 2003, by then I've had about 5 games( my parents spoiled the crap out of me ;] ) and among them was MGS 2. Til this day, I am a fan of the masterpiece that is the MGS series. However amongst these games, not a single turn based game existed. My good friend Willie lent me Kingdom Hearts. I fell in love. As a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, I found myself connecting with the Disney characters, but confused as who the other main characters are. For instance, in the first level, you're introduced to Tidus, Wakka, and a third character I can't remember. It wasn't until later that I found out that they are the main characters to FFX. After beating the game, I became aware of many of the character's existence but had no back story on them. Still I was not so amazed that I needed to go and buy every game and play it.
Now the previously mentioned Willie actually burned me a copy of the FF7 PC game. Now I have no excuse but to play the game. However, my PC was so full of crap, it wouldn't even recognize the CD's. So I took them to a friend's house to play, only to get no farther then the first game. I dismissed the game and left them at my friend's house, who still blames me for his Final Fantasy craze.
2009, where everything is coming to fruition, I buy a new computer and decide for fill up my gigantic hard-drive with anything I could get my virtual hands on. Amoungst the vast list of downloaded materials included a FF7 game. I decided to keep it and save it for a rainy day.
Well that rainy day has come (literally and metaphorically), and now I can't stop playing that godforsaken game. Seriously, I even downloaded the official walk-through and have been on it nonstop. I hate you Japan

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Anonymous said...

I feel you. I was one of the original US generation to enjoy FFVII, and I remember watching in awe at the opening cinematics as my older brother played for the first time (you can bet he had dibs, he was twice my size)...

...more to the point, I recently downloaded a GBA emulator and FFV, one of my favorites, and played the crap out of it. I spend what must have been a week very little but sitting with my hands on the controller, completely vegged in front of the computer.

Word to the wise, though: If you try to play some of the really oldschool 2d turn-based RPGs, make sure your emulator has a "speed up" button. Our 21st century attention spans aren't equipped to handle the 16-bit cinematics and 20-second waits during battles.