Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it just me or is Heroes starting to really suck

I don't know why, but during last weeks episode, I just completely zoned out. It was a weird phenomenon that never happened to me before. Usually, my eyes would be glued to the TV set the second Mohinder's Voiceover came on. But on that day, I did sometime very weird, at 9:30pm sharp, I said "This Sucks," turned of the TV and proceeded to my bed. It seems that once bright raging flame that was Heroes has been reduced to a mere candlelight, and I think I know why. LOST!. Yes, ABC's Lost has instead opened my eyes to what this type of genre is suppose to be like. What Lost has is the amount of time the producer and writers have put into it. From the first season, things you thought was negligible actually turn out to be important in future season. What I am trying to say is that Lost has in my opinion, excellent use of continuity(if I'm using it correctly?). Everything in a sense was already there, and not instead a sloppy paste. With Heroes however you can sense things aren't that carefully planned out. Whats referred to as a "Deus Ex Machina," Heroes' producers have added things instead to continue the story. I mean they even admitted to not intending to keep all of the characters, but because of demand they did. For instance, the creators have added a whole new batch of characters to continue the story, even changing things I had believed to be constants, such as Sylar's Future. There's no sense of mystery anymore, as all answers pretty much get answered the next episode, ie Who's Mr Petrelli, and what can he do, watch the next episode and you'll even know what's his favorite color. I expected more from you and seriously disappointed Mr. Kring.

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